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The English Learning Journey Starts Right Here

ZabanYad, with its story-telling and game-like narrative, helps and accompanies you to improve your language skills from whichever level you are deemed to start, to more advanced levels. ZabanYad lessons are presented in story-like podcasts with a focus on conversation, vocabulary, grammar, and lots of questions and exercises. ZabanYad means learning English in a real, practical, attractive, and different environment. 

What sections is ZabanYad consist of?
ZabanYad in its current capacity is consists of lessons and an interactive section called “Stories”. In the lessons section, we learn English together in a step by step approach from Elementary to Upper-Intermediate levels and the “Stories” section puts us in real-life situations, so it would resemble the environment in which learning language is a lot easier.

Lessons Sections: 

Consist of 4 levels:

- Elementary
- Pre-Intermediate
- Intermediate
- Upper-Intermediate
- Advanced

What skills is ZabanYad more focused on improving?

Conversation, grammar, and vocabulary are the main objectives for improvement, for which 100 “Story-lessons” in the form of podcasts are presented to you. Each lesson begins with a story, then the dedicated grammar (Farsi/English) for each lesson appears, and then the vocabulary of the conversation is provided. But it won’t end there. The “Quiz” sign at the end of each lesson will be waiting for you. Now, what is a story-lesson? We’ll get to it in the next paragraph.

What is the most crucial advantage of ZabanYad?

That’s not too difficult to answer: Story-lessons
Story-lessons are the most important part of this learning journey. It all starts in the first lesson of the Pre-Intermediate level, where two American students, Mel and Harry get to know each other. These two characters, on their own journey, to get the Bachelor’s degree, get to meet lots of other characters from different nationalities, and make new friends along the way. As their story progresses, we get familiarized with new grammar and vocabulary.

Learn English in the native environment… How?

One of the most exciting features of ZabanYad is the interactive section of “Stories”. With the help of stories, users are put in different situations in English-speaking countries and will learn the process for that situation. With the user’s choices, he or she assists the characters in each story as the teaching process is proceeding. For instance, if you’ve left your bag on the plane, what sentences can we use to let the flight attendant know of the issue? With the help of these practical sentences, we can enter new situations in any foreign country, assured that we have experienced it in ZabanYad before.

Where to begin?

ZabanYad’s “Smart placement test” assists you in determining the best possible starting point of your thrilling journey to learn English. 

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آلمانی و ترکی استانبولی هم اضافه بشه خوب میشه.چونکه آلمانی خیلی کمه
محمد مهدی
Unnamed User
عالی و مرتب
واقعاً که... با صد تا الماس فقط یه روز اشتراک؟؟ 😑اگه اینطوری نبود دیگه اشکالی نداشت
افتضاح آخه این چ برنامه ای ساختین😒😒
برای من باز نمی شود.
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وارد نمیشه همش میگه فعلا در دستور نیست جریان جبه؟
خوب نیست
نرم افزار امکان تمدید اشتراک ندارد و موقع ورود ءیغام قطع شده ایم را می دهد حتی راهنما هم ندارد
چرا زبان یاد چندروزه قطع شده
Hamideh Soleyman
میشه بهم بگید چطوری بعد از نصب برنامه باز کنم
من دوساله دارم استفاده میکنم. اوایل یه مقدار نقص داشتید اما الان خیلی بهتر شده. امیدوارم ادامه دار باشه. خداقوت