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ILIplus is an application that can help the ILI English students to make progress in their English. Using this application you can have access to a large amount of information offline. The first time you connect to the server and download the information (texts, voices etc), it will be saved on your phone and the next time you can use it offline.

This application can help the students improve their listening and speaking skills dramatically. You can listen to the pronunciation of almost all of the words and sentences.

The meanings of the words is provided in English and Farsi. You can see a lot of examples that help you understand how to use the words in a sentence.

All of the texts are translated to Farsi to make sure that the student can have a good level of comprehension. In addition to the translated text, you can see the phonetic, meaning, synonym, and antonym of the words which are used in each sentence of the text.

We also provide useful resources in Farsi and English to help you learn the grammar well.

This application is independent and is not connected to the Iran Language Institute.

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