Meditation Music

Meditation Music

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Meditation music is a free meditation app to relax the body and mind. Enjoy listening to the beautiful meditation sounds that will aid you in finding inner peace, helping reduce stress and even to fall asleep. This meditation music app also comes with a meditation timer to allow for easy time management so you can solely focus on your guided journey into a deep meditation state of mind. The timer will continue to work in the background while the phone screen is off or pause itself when a call is being received. Included with these relaxing sounds are background pictures that capture a calm atmosphere for your meditation needs--ranging from waterfalls to zen gardens. Finally, a playlist feature that allows you to choose which songs you would like to hear and for how long. You can create a different playlists for sleep, yoga, to relax and more. On top of this there's the ability to add your own songs from your phone to be added in the playlists.

Mention-able features:

- High quality meditation sound
- Timer to fit your desired meditation duration
- Beautiful nature backgrounds
- Playlist functionality
- SD Card installation capability
- Won't disrupt incoming phone calls
- Can be connected to external stereo system

Feel free to contact for any questions or feedback. I hope this app benefits you in your day-to-day life.

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