Relaxing Candles: music, sleep

Relaxing Candles: music, sleep

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Relaxing Candles and relaxation music are an ideal way to fatigue, stress, insomnia and ruffled nerves. The application works great during learning, sleeping, meditating, reading, yoga and staying at the spa. Relaxation music also works on children and babies. Observation of films with calm flames of candles combined with relaxing melodies reduces stress levels, improves concentration and brings relief in tinnitus.

Download the application and free yourself from stress. Look at the soothing flames of candles, listen to relaxing music and melodious sounds, relax your mind and soul. A large collection of calming sounds and melodies as well as a view of the soothing flames of candles will help you mute and calm down yourself.

Create your own sound compositions, add and mix relaxation music with the nature sounds such as: birds singing, cicada sounds, rain sounds, wind noise, night sounds and many more.

With this application on your phone you can watch relaxing flames of candles and listen to relaxing and calming melodies wherever you are and whenever you feel like it. No internet connection is required to run the application. Playing relaxing music during sleep is the best way to calm sleep and effectively rest.

Put on the headphones, look at the soothing flames of candles and relax listening to the relaxing music and the nature sounds.

Advantages of the application:
● Mood night lighting with relaxing candles,
● Facilitates falling asleep in sleep and insomnia problems,
● It works anti-stress,
● Ideal for meditation,
● Has a built-in timer,
● High quality sounds and movies,
● It can run in the background,
● Easy operation,
● Works off-line,
● Free application.

Soothing flames of candles:
Lazy-moving flames of candles act calming and anti-stress.

Music for sleep:
By listening to relaxing sounds you will fall asleep faster and have a better rest, what will ensure you a good mood on the next day.

Music for concentration:
Melodic music isolates from noise and ambient noise, and facilitates concentration and increases the level of focus.

Music for meditation:
Soothing music works anti-stress. It allows you to calm down and achieve inner peace. The time of relaxation will become even more effective.

Tinnitus eliminating:
Listening to calm music allows to eliminate tinnitus.