4000 Essential English Words

4000 Essential English Words

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With the most advanced learning algorithm and the best vocabulary book, increase your efficiency to 200% only by using 30% of your learning time. 

By using this app you can expand your vocabulary significantly in a short period of time and never worry about reading and understanding English texts again.

Did you know that about 90% of all general English dialogues and text are covered by these 4000 words? 

Main Features:

• Each word comes with it's definition , an example, human pronunciation and a high quality picture  to help you learn better.

  • • Learn how to use a word in sentences by reading each lesson's provided story which include all of the words in that lesson.

  • • Learn with Supermemo algorithm, the most advanced repetition algorithm which has an efficiency 5 times better than traditional systems such as Leitner.

  •  • With a lot of useful features that will make your learning better and more attractive .

  • We have put a lot of efforts in order to create a beautiful user interface yet with a lot of advanced features so that you never get exhausted during your learning time.

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