504 essential words

504 essential words

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As you know TOEFL is the world's most prestigious language certificate For many of the documents, go to a foreign country, writing and studying, the TOEFL requirement is obligatory

Software before you developed for those people who are actively trying to get the document This collection contains 5040 words English dictionary is widely used in the TOEFL test is prepared and served by experienced teachers you were

Please note that this dictionary contains words such as book and not simple, but it is assumed that you're ready to test your vocabulary and simple know


The words that are relatively widely used in the tests and know they need and are not banal words in this dictionary are set TOEFL and IELTS sample questions also searched for better education in this application is It should be noted that this series is English to English To better understand vocabulary words, pronunciation Offline feature in the software to help better understand the meaning

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