504 Words

504 Words

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    Compatible with 5 to 7 inch devices

The 504 Essential Words is designed and written by the world-renowned institute according to the latest method of language learning in the world. Each vocabulary lesson is used and the target audience of this book can be students, learners, and those who want to raise their language level slightly above normal.

In this program we have tried to make it easy to access the content of this vocabulary as well as designing various tests for better and deeper learning.

Some app features :

  • - Includes 42 lessons with parables, phonetics, synonyms and audio - --pronunciations

  • - Ability to add favorites (bookmark)

  • - Bilingual search

  • - Includes quizzes for each lesson (Quiz section)

  • ...

If you have a criticism or suggestion about the program feel free to let us know in the comments section, also if you are happy with the program and find it helpful to give us some encouragement.

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