30 Day

30 Day

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apps in Farsi weight loss in 30 days

Along with the application 30 days to 10 kilos a month to lose weight with diet and exercise apps your weight down
Not without weight loss drug
Animated music video with energizing exercise
Just 10 minutes of exercise a day and get lean diet
More than 100 international recipes (for weight loss)
Along with the video to teach international cuisine
Dozens of videos of different sports for the entire body
Meal plan based on your data
Dozens of fascinating and energizing music
Supports 6 languages
More than 300 types of food business
More than 200 calories daily activities
Together with spokesman Persian during exercise
Fitness and health applications with 30 days to go and 10 minutes of exercise a day to keep their bodies
With a simple interface and attractive graphics

Features added applications

Note: For when you diet or exercise with a message to remind you not to forget (if it does not work on your phone settings: a reminder of a check) this option is automatically activated to disable the settings : reminder of a check

BMI (: With this index, the app calculates your diet and calories activities. BMI)
Waist-to-hip ratio (: With this index you specify the type of obesity and diseases with recommendations not to be WHR)
Detection skeleton: You can use these large or small skeleton understand your diagnosis and the creation of problems for your health.
Calculate calories: It determines the amount of calories for your weight loss and diet app gives you in terms of this indicator

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