Breethe - Calm Meditation & Sleep Sounds

Breethe - Calm Meditation & Sleep Sounds

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Just Breethe & be well. Experience the joy that tools for effective stress management, boosting happy thoughts and self-improvement can bring into your daily life with this popular app, as recommended by People & InStyle Magazine.

Feel the power of meditation and hypnotherapy to be happy & achieve goals - whether it’s success at work, overcoming insomnia, getting over a break-up, dealing with a divorce, increasing overall wellbeing, releasing stress to slow down the aging process, or any other self-improvement goal. Get the tools you need through hypnotherapy sessions & masterclasses from mindfulness coach Lynne Goldberg & other NY Times best-selling personal growth experts.

If you can’t sleep & want to say good-bye to insomnia for good, find success with Breethe sleep aid solutions that help you go to sleep - like calm meditation and relaxing music that gently guides you to fall asleep and drift off to dreamland. Feel your positive emotions and happiness surge when you finally get the sleep you need!


😴Calming Music & Sleep Stories: fall asleep fast & overcome insomnia with a sleep aid of relaxing music, meditation music, nature sounds and sleep stories that quickly calm your emotions, help you be well and go to sleep.
💆Guided Meditation: over 1000 meditations of all types - calm meditation, morning meditation, meditation for anxiety, sessions to go to sleep and for stress management, including wellbeing sessions to help you boost feelings of happiness, balance your emotions, handle aging gracefully, plus a 7-day learn-to-meditate program for beginners.
🎵Calming Music Playlists: choose a curated playlist or create one with calming music when you need a sleep aid to fall asleep or just to get into your calm meditation headspace with inspiring meditation music.
🛏Bedtime Visualizations: calm meditation videos help you fall asleep and be well, or combine with breathing exercises and calming music when you need that extra boost of wellbeing.

Meditation to share with kids & teens: give your kids the lifetime gift of meditation that will give them the self-improvement tools they need to manage emotions, increase happy thoughts to be well and be happy.
Hypnotherapy sessions: use hypnotherapy sessions to help you go to sleep, for stress management, increasing happiness, for help getting over a break-up or divorce, plus other life challenges.

Whether you need the benefits of meditation for anxiety or morning meditation to get your day started with happy thoughts, for developing mindfulness to boost happiness, for stress management to slow down the aging process, for healing emotions of a divorce, to achieve more success and be happy at work - or you need a sleep aid when you can’t go to sleep and could use relaxing music or meditation music to lull you to sleep, Breethe has you covered.

Breethe works for every walk of life. Adults can access various meditations, including meditation for anxiety and morning meditation, & hypnotherapy sessions for success, to be well, to be happy and increase happy thoughts, to slow down aging, to help handle a divorce or a break-up, or for insomnia. Use as a sleep aid with relaxing music for a fuss-free way to help kids fall asleep fast.

Breethe Free version: gain access to your favorite morning meditation or other select meditations for self-improvement, wellbeing or to overcome insomnia, plus get meditation music and playlists of relaxing music.

Upgrade to Premium Membership: access the full content library with 1000+ sessions for stress management, meditation for anxiety, increased happiness, and more calming music.
See your happy thoughts, wellbeing and self-improvement soar with an app full of success tools - including meditation for anxiety that slows down the aging process, morning meditation, and hypnotherapy for a variety of issues like how to be happy in everyday life, overcome difficult events like divorce, meditation music, & more.

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