Shab | Villa, Suite, Cottage Rental

Shab | Villa, Suite, Cottage Rental

Version 1.1
Install +100 K
Category Travel & Local
Size 2 MB
Last Update 2022 December 24
Shab | Villa, Suite, Cottage Rental

Shab | Villa, Suite, Cottage Rental

Shab Company
Version 1.1
Install +100 K
Category Travel & Local
Size 2 MB
Last Update 2022 December 24
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Easily find any type of accommodation in any city in Iran. Filters such as cottage, beach, forest, discounts, instant delivery, swimming pool, suitable for ceremonies, disinfected, etc. with the possibility of searching among different prices and cities are provided for you.

You can also talk to your host with free booking  before payment and then pay through different ways. When traveling with "Shab", you will also have permanent support and free travel insurance.

Features of this app for guests and travelers:

• Easy search system among all accommodations with different filters

• Simple and user-friendly interface

• Categorize each filter with the most popular, cheapest, most expensive, newest and ...

• Ability to visit the comments of previous travelers to each accommodation for a better decision

• View photos of all parts of the residence

• Ability to search between instant booking accommodation (without the need for host approval) and residences with discount

• Access to complete accommodation information such as amenities, facilities available, number of rooms and area, local access, etc.

• Free accommodation reservation and the possibility of online chat with the host before payment

• Possibility of daily and long-term reservations with discount and advance payment

• Send the postal address of the residence along with the host phone number and the exact location of the location in Google Map

• Accessing travel history and records of previous trips

• Ability to introduce friends and receive discount codes or prizes

• Ability to pay in-app or use other methods

• Permanent support throughout the trip with free travel insurance

App features for hosts and residence owners:

• Quick access to all registered accommodations

• Ability to view new comments about accommodations and respond to them

• Easily registering new residence

• Updating the accommodation calendar and prices

• Edit accommodation information

• Add accommodation to instant booking or add discount for it

• Quick and easy accommodation management with a smart panel

• Quick notification for any booking request

• Easy access to history of requests, reservations and financial transactions

• View guest information and online chatting with them

Why US?

You can also join the 20,000 people who visit us daily. in addition to booking free and easy accommodation all over Iran, you can have our constant support even on holidays and non-working hours. Also, when traveling with "Shab", you and all your companions will benefit from travel insurance completely free of charge. All personal and property documents of the accommodations have been pre-checked and approved; We also guarantee their safety and cleanliness.

You are not alone in traveling with "Shab" ...

Ways to communicate with us:


Contact numbers: 28111288-021 +98

Address: Tehran, Shariati St., Parvin St., No. 18, unit 6


Telegram: shab_ir

Twitter: shabhost

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من میزبان هستم. یک ماهه ثبت کردم که تا الان مهمانی برام نیومده. در ضمن اپلیکیشن بسیار کند و ضعیف و زشتی داره. آدم اصلا باهاش حال نمیکنه. امیدوارم نظرم رو ثبت کنید
سلام سرعت اپلیکیشن خیلی خیلی کند هستش
به شدت کنده.اعصابم بهم ریخت