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Jabama | Accommodations and Hotels

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Jabama | Accommodation and Hotel Reservation Broad System:

Jabama is the first and most extensive Mobile App for the booking of Accommodations, Hotels and Villas. Downloading and using the Jabama App will enable you to have access to a diverse number of Accommodations in Iran and book them in advance.

Wherever you are, wherever you wish, Jabama will let you book your destination easily in no time!

This free app allows you to join a community of thousands of other users and choose your dream holiday destination from more than 6500 options in Iran including Villas, Suites, Hotels, Motels, Cottages, Houses, Apartments, etc.

Main features:

• More than 6500 options to book from.

• Various and functional filters to narrow down available options based on City, Type, etc.

• Easy access to a detailed descriptions and info for the Hotels and other Accommodations.

• Easy access to Special Offers.

• A Comment section where users can freely express their opinion about the Hotels and Accommodations and rate them.

• Easy access to Users Reviews for different Hotels, Accommodations, etc.

• An “Add to Favorites” button to mark the places you like for future reservations.

• 24/7 support.

• Full reservation and payment through the app.

• A detailed history of Transactions, Reservations, Payments, etc.

Jabama is a subsiding of Alibaba Group holding, alongside Alibaba and many more. Alibaba Group is the best holding in the field of Travel and Tourism in Iran.

Feel free to cantact us at (+98) 2143900900 or email us at app@jabama.com for more info.

Website:  www.jabama.com

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