Panco | Mafia and Online Games

Panco | Mafia and Online Games

Version 1.4.34
In-app Purchases
Install +1 M
Category Casual
Size 31 MB
Last Update 2023 September 4
Panco | Mafia and Online Games

Panco | Mafia and Online Games

Payam Negar Tandis
Version 1.4.34
In-app Purchases
Install +1 M
Category Casual
Size 31 MB
Last Update 2023 September 4
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Panco is a place to Play online games like Mafia, Scattergories, UNO, Russian Roulette, Ludo, Word War, Panquiz and The Chase through audio and video rooms without any VPNs. You can also have voice and video calls and enjoy the application’s abilities like hot room, missions and medals, hot profile, and hot club with high quality.

More about Panco:

🔸 Play lots of games based on interactions and group activities like Mafia, Scattergories, Ludo, UNO, Russian Roulette, Word war, and chat with your friends

🔸 Start or join rooms and discuss different topics

🔸 Make video calls to anyone in the world, up to 6 people at the same time

🔸 Share all sorts of data with your friends; Music, Pictures, Videos, and beyond (Just like Telegram but without the need to use VPNs.)

🔸 Create different channels without member limitation

🔸 Create new groups and add your friends

🔸 Follow other players and stay connected to them

🔸 24/7 access to all the application features and rooms

🔸The ability to display seasonal ranking, missions, and medals in the user's profile.

🔸 Get XP and level up on all available games

🔸 Special Panco coins, “Pancoin” to buy facilities and shop items

🔸 In-app store is now available with exciting items like Mafia role packs, profile frame, and ... .

🔸 The possibility of creating a club

🔸 Tutorial and complete guide for all available games Panco online

You can play online Mafia games with your friends anywhere and at any time.

🔹 17 Available roles: Godfather, Dr. Lecter, Negotiator, Joker, Natasha, Nato,  Scarlett, Bomber, Normal Mafia, Doctor, Detective, Sniper, Journalist, Mayor, Priest, Die-hard, Gunslinger, Volunteer, Nurse, Investigator, Ranger, Normal Citizen, Rebel, Bonnie and Clyde

🔹 6 to 10 players game. Create games with up to 22 Players by purchasing packages from the shop

🔹 Play through audio and video

🔹 “Final Move” cards

🔹 Purchase your favorite roles before the game’s beginning

🔹 Changing the game appearance with different occasions such as Yalda, Nowrooz, and…

Ludo Game:
🔹 Ludo online game for mobile phones; Play Ludo online with your friends anywhere, anytime. You can use bombs for omitting competitors’ playing pieces and also you can neutralize other bombs. In Panco, you can play this game co-op and with 6 players.

UNO game:
🔹 A fun and memorable family-friendly card game! The first player who gets rid of all the cards wins!

Russian Roulette:
🔹 Russian Roulette is a Death and Life game! you have to try to stay alive till the end of the game. Good Luck!

🔹 The competition for the kingdom of Sarn Land is waiting for you. Play Scattergories with Panco and win this game with your magical abilities.

Word war game:
🔹 In this game, you will fight with your rivals to find the words. Each contestant has a special ability that helps him/her to win. Someone who can construct the most words wins the game.

Chase game:
🔹 No matter whether you are a thief or a policeman, you have to risk and win in this thrilling chase. In this group competition, the thieves have to find the jewels hidden in the game and the policemen have to act quickly and eliminate the thieves.

Panquiz game:
🔹 Who is the winner? Panquiz is an individual and group trivia game which tests your knowledge. 

Panco advantages:

▫️ It doesn’t matter where you are or what time is! Panco is a 24/7 online platform

▫️ No need for a narrator ▫️ You can create private rooms

▫️ Follow anyone you like and keep connected with other players

🔸Panco calls are free.

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