Faraj prayer

Faraj prayer

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Ayatollah Bahjat (ra) says:
Faraj rush kills the pain is our prayer.

In this application with text and audio translations prayer vulva (the divine Albla’ bone ...) with you.

Simple and elegant design
Low -Hjm Software
At the same time -Show Arabic text and translations
Sound simple -Dstrsy Offline
Subsequent changing Arabic and Translation text size and font

* Biggest task awaits
Those in holy war, a holy war in the ranks of foot-known companies, they were waiting true. Who when Muslim country threatened by the enemy, ready to defend Islamic values ​​and flag homeland of Islam, can claim that if the imam does, he will step behind him in the fields of risk. ? Who expect great reformer, must prepare their fields of interest and to realize the good things that could stand.

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