Health prayers Imam 12

Health prayers Imam 12

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Shia's most important tasks: one of the most important tasks during the time of absence and expected, is responsible for, pray to hasten relief and return of Imam Mahdi and Hazrat Pir's health. I prayed about it, as in other cases, in any language and expression that is acceptable to Allah. And what is important, the spirit of prayer and quality conditions that a lot of it is recommended.

In this text, the translation of the prayer Health and voice Imam Mahdi (O now Lvlyk ...) with you.

This noble prayer ( 'O now Lvlyk Alhjh bin al-Hassan and Ali Slvatk against Bayh ... "), the narrative sources (including Kafi) which are suitable for the well being of Imam Zaman (Jlallhtalyfrjhalshryf) to be read.

Overall, the entries this prayer, of faith and devotion Shiite Imam Ghaybsh and waiting to show his separation from the beloved is burning.

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