Sahife Sajjadiyeh Full

Sahife Sajjadiyeh Full

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Sahife Sajjadiyeh Full, Audio and Text along with Farsi Interpretation with Low Volume and Features

Sahifeh Sajjadi's book is a collection of prayers and chants of the fourth Imam of the Shiites, Zain al-Abedin Ali ibn al-Hussein.

Full text of Arabic Sahifeh Sajjadiyeh

Persian Translation Sahifeh Sajyah

Full Persian Interpretation

Arabic text audio

Persian translation

Text display to 2 different modes

The ability to share each prayer, the list of interests of prayers


Arabic audio program for Arabic prayer and Persian translation with storage, general change in the text display of prayer and prayer, general change in graphics and user interface, adding stunning fonts, advanced search capabilities in titles and text of prayers and more. ..

This book is known as the "Bible of the Ahl al-Bayt" and "Zbur al-Muhammad" and "mah-ol-Quran". Although this book is about prayer and prayer, it includes many truths of Islamic and mystical sciences and teachings, and religious laws and ordinances. And the sensitive political, social, educational, and moral issues mentioned in the form of prayer of Imam.

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