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The introduction of more than 170 sports.

This program is for athletes or people who love and more than 170 athletes come to the sport was introduced in details.

In addition to the introduction of any sport, history, how to play, rules and regulations for the sport that puts you in everything you do not become, to a professional athlete, in your favorite sport, provides up!

Sports in 18 different subject categories are:

Shooting motion
Sports with animals
Martial Arts
riding bike
Aerial Sports
Extreme sport
Motor Sports
Sports field
Strength training
Racquet Sports
Ski / Snow Sports
Sports sighting
Sports billiards
Team Sports
Sports Strategy
water sports

It's also the largest source of information, Wikipedia Persian were especially Threaded Threaded Wikipedia were the same program and we have not made any changes to it!

But it should be noted that data source fields not only Wikipedia and other sources that are not due to the multiplicity of the individual named.

Deficiencies program too! Some information, such as al-strings that will be complete in the next update.

Please us five stars in new free programs and more quality help. ;)

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