medical assistant dictionary

medical assistant dictionary

Version 13
In-app Purchases
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Category Medical
Size 19 MB
Last Update 2018 January 5
medical assistant dictionary

medical assistant dictionary

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Version 13
In-app Purchases
Install +20 K
Category Medical
Size 19 MB
Last Update 2018 January 5
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Healthy Medical Dictionary (English to Farsi and Persian to English with over 86,000 words and terminology in the form of over 105,000 complete offline entries) with human pronouncements by 3 valid references and offline pronunciation TTS

⛱ The Medical Dictionary includes a collection of specialist medical terms, hints and medical terms, descriptions of some diseases and drugs (approximately 1200 drugs), and a guide to the symptoms of medical tests. There are also terms from the fields of psychology and biology in this collection.

💎 This is a commercial and in-payment program. Before you purchase the license, you can view and use the program completely and unlimited in the event of displaying advertisements, then purchase license if you wish to use it offline and remove it.
💎 Ads are displayed only if the program is open and on the home page.
🚫 Please note that specialist doctors should refer to the treatment, supply and use of the drug and the information provided in this program should not be used for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment or any other medical condition, and we have no liability for any Using the description of this program is not an arbitrary use of medications and self-medication.

Excellent word for word

1 Ability to pronounce texts in two American and British dialects (double click on the text)
2 Benefit from Image Translator and Text Extractor from image to translate texts
3 Ability to search for words that do not know their full spelling (use the * or% instead of the parts you do not know)
4 Supports various versions of Android, a variety of phone displays and tablets, and full support for portrait and landscape views
5 Ability to create different categories for words and add and remove words with their own meanings
6 Possibility to select different parts of the text for pronunciation, translation, copying or sharing (double-click on the text or keep your finger on the text for a few moments)
7 Ability to search English audio, English to English, English to Farsi and English to English
8 Utilizing an adaptive alphabetic list (suggested word with the simultaneous ability to display the meaning of the proposed word).
9 Possibility to display the Translator window on all open programs
10 Create an auto-link to search for words and sentences that are not available in the offline database and to take advantage of online medical dictionary websites,,
11 Using the fastest search and response algorithms without pause, only in Phoenix software group programs.
12 Get the right 9 fonts + Ability to resize
13 Enjoy the ability to display the beginning of the text and the entire text
14 Very nice and flowing user interface
15 Ability to personalize and change colors completely
16 Lacks any secret execution and any type of notification and notification
17 Ability to transfer to memory
18 Possibility to send and share easily
19th Take advantage of recent searches (up to 300 recent searches)
20 Ability to mark words (unlimited)
21 Possibility to sort the search history and tags in alphabetical order or when added with deletion
22 Ability to translate text, articulation and downloaded texts in a clipboard for translation into Google and Microsoft Online Translator.
23 Ability to send text from other applications, translate text and sentence in Google Online and Microsoft Translator


Medical Dictionaries of Psychology and Biology
Dictionary of Medical Short Notes

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بسیار عالی من به این برنامه نیاز داشتم خوب هم کار شده است عالیییییییییی بود 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
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