Easier English Student Dictionary

Easier English Student Dictionary

Version 5
In-app Purchases
Install +10 K
Category Books & Reference
Size 29 MB
Last Update 2018 January 13
Easier English Student Dictionary

Easier English Student Dictionary

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Version 5
In-app Purchases
Install +10 K
Category Books & Reference
Size 29 MB
Last Update 2018 January 13
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The English-English-English Dictionary has up to 35,000 entries in the Upper Intermediate. This revamped and updated Dictionary of Easier is especially designed for the First Certificate Examination (FCE) and the IELTS (International English Language Testing System), with fluent word descriptions, vocabulary vocabulary guidance as well as practical examples. With over 1,000 pages, it can be a convenient and useful dictionary for high-level learners.
Also, as a complement to the synonymous and contradictory English vocabulary dictionary, English-Persian and English-English dictionaries have been added to the program, which you can disable them by selecting the search domain in the program menu if you wish.
💎 This is a commercial and in-payment program. Before you purchase the license, you can view and use the program completely and unlimited in the event of displaying advertisements, then purchase license if you wish to use it offline and remove it.
💎 Ads are displayed only if the program is open and on the home page.
💎 High quality human pronunciations are played and stored (no need to download again later). For each pronunciation, a separate key is considered so that you can quickly hear the exact pronunciation of each word. If the offline pronunciation of the offline pronunciation is not available, using TTS.

≡ Ability to pronounce texts in both American and British dialects (double-click on the text or keep the word in touch)
≡ The ability to translate the word to the text of the text
≡ Text translation, vocabulary, text transcriptions and text transmissions from other programs for translation into Google Online Translator.

App Features:
💎 Full compatibility with Android 6 and 7 and full support for all types of phones and tablets
Excellent word for word
🎤 Voice search functionality
🗣 High quality human pronunciation
🔎 Ability to search English in English, Farsi in English and English in Farsi
≡ Option to select different parts of the text for offline pronunciation, translation, copy or sharing
🔎 Benefit from adaptive alphabetical list (suggested word)
🔎 Possibility to display the Translator window on all open programs
🔎 Benefit from photo interpreter and text extraction service for image translation
🔎 Possibility of sorting the search history and tags in alphabetical order or by adding time with deletion
🔎 Create an automatic link for referenced words
🔎 Use the fastest search and answer algorithms without pausing
♪ Ability to choose spell speed
♪ Take advantage of the pronunciation of the pronunciation signs, how they are presented with the possibility of displaying the film
🎨 9 fonts + changeable option
🎨 Very user-friendly interface, full support for all types of phones and tablets
☆ No need to change the device language
✯ Take advantage of optimal design patterns and user experience
★ Lacks any secret execution and any type of notification and notification
🗸 Ability to transfer to memory
📎 Possibility to send and share content
✯ Take advantage of recent searches (up to 300 recent searches)
✯ Ability to mark words (unlimited)

☆ Easier English Student Dictionary
☆ English to Persian Dictionary
☆ Persian to English dictionary
☆ Dictionary synonyms and contrasted English

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