Websters English Dictionary +Farsi

Websters English Dictionary +Farsi

Version 16
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Websters English Dictionary +Farsi

Websters English Dictionary +Farsi

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Version 16
In-app Purchases
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Webster's Advanced English Learner Dictionary
Dictionary of synonyms and opposites of English to English
English to Persian Ditcionary
Persian to English dictionary
With over 348,000 fully offline entries and enjoying human word pronunciation by 3 valid references and offline spelling sentences by TTS
Ability to search for words that you do not know for complete spelling (use the * or% instead of the ones you do not know)

💎 This is a commercial and in-payment program. Before you purchase the license, you can view and use the program completely and unlimited in the event of displaying advertisements, then purchase license if you wish to use it offline and remove it.
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💎 High quality human pronunciations are played and stored.
Merriam Websters Advanced Learner's English Dictionary
The Oxford, Cambridge and Longman Dictionary is a powerful English-English dictionary for Android users, which is considered one of the most useful American dictionaries and includes synonyms and antonyms, examples, and so on. From the features of this The dictionary can be used to explain every word in English, to mention several synonyms for each word, to mention several antonyms, if any, several examples of the use of words in sentences.

This dictionary generally includes the following for most English-English words:
🗹 Detailed explanation of the English meaning of each word
🗹 Phonetics for the correct pronunciation of words
🗹 Specifies the grammatical and grammatical properties of words and abstractions (names, verbs, adjectives, forms of verbs, alphabets, etc.) along with descriptions and examples of different meanings and their application in sentences.
🗹 Provide multiple examples for each word application
🗹 Synonyms, conflicting, related and ...
🗹 Thousands of real English examples showing learners how a word is used.

≡ Ability to spell-check offline texts in both American and British dialects + Select pronunciation speed
≡ The ability to translate the word to the text of the text
≡ Can translate text, sentence, and get texts copied to clipboard, send text from other programs for translation in Google Online Translator with support for over 100 languages ​​in the world and intelligent language recognition
≡ Can translate text and sentence into Microsoft Online Translator

💎 Full compatibility with Android 6 and 7, and all kinds of phone and tablet displays, and full support for portrait and landscape views and a sleek, smoother interface.
💎 Ability to create different categories for words, and add and remove words with their own meanings
💎 Possibility to select different parts of the text for the offline pronunciation UK, US, translation, copy or sharing (double-click on the text or keep your finger on the text for a few moments)
🎤 English voice search possibility
🔎 English to English, English to English and English to English without the need to change the language of the machine
🔎 Enjoy the adaptive alphabetical list
🔎 Possibility to display the Translator window on all open programs
🔎 Enjoy photo interpreter and text extract service from image
🔎 Create an automatic link to search for words and sentences that are not available in the offline database
♪ Use the pronunciation signs guide, how to give them + videos
🎨 Enjoy 9 convenient fonts + Ability to resize
🎨 Personalization and full color change
🗸 Ability to transfer to memory
✯ Take advantage of recent searches
✯ Ability to mark words

☆ 51,000 Merriam Websters Advanced Learner's English Dictionary
☆ English to Persian 153,000+ records
☆ Persian to English 108,000+ records
☆ Lexical and synonymous vocabulary English 35,000+ records

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بسیار عالی است این برنامه ای است که نباید در امر آموزش از آن غافل شد. عالی
میدان تره بار
میدان تره بار
بسیار عالیست دیکشنری ماریان وبستر جزء شناخته شده ترین دیکشنری ها در عرصه ی بین الملل می باشد عالی
دیکشنری شما برای فتح قله گام های درست را برداشته است و کاملا مشهود است عالی بود. ممنونم