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Hi Holiday Flight Finder App

Maybe has happened more and more for buying plane ticket in travel agencies, you search everywhere but you cannot find any ticket with arbitrary time, suitable price and etc. Hi Holiday app can do this role in the shortest possible time and find your intended ticket and direct you to reserve ticket.

In reality searching travel agencies one by one is hard work and you must waste more time, Hi Holiday flight finder app solve this problem for you and seperate tickets found from 400 travel agencies and will be at your disposal these tickets.

Introduction to App

Hi Holiday flight finder app work through a crawler robot that searching every travle agency website in 24 hours and then put tickets at your disposal with user-friendly appear. This app analyze collected tickets from more than 400 travel agencies in 24 hours and after that show you ticket informations. 

App Future

Current Hi Holiday system is for domestic flights and some international routes, in the not too distant future will be possible seeing all of flights, hotels, tours and tourist attractions and will be available.

The App Features

1- This app is installed on Android 4+ versions.

2- This app need internet for working correctly.

3- Searching ticket and showing travel agencies that make tickets charter is implemented in the app.

4- Yout search between more than 400 travel agencies with this app.

5- You can register in this system with Hi Holiday mobile app.

6- Tickets and flights information to be updated in the shortest time.

7- If you find your ticket to note this app should not be any wholesale, only introduce agency providing ticket, you can purchase your ticket form agency. 

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