dozd gir fog pishraft

dozd gir fog pishraft

Version 2.0.2
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                       God's thoughts
Full security everywhere with this software easily Established now!

This software is very simple and convenient Mnv
✔Qvytryn smart versatile and complete anti-theft software for Android! ...
The software ✔Amkanat
Along with training and guidance in the Settings
✔Shrh security software
✔Gzarsh close to the sensor and the sensor device
✔ Report jolt objects 10 meters in front of the camera, even if the phone is silent! .. Report Camera dark night! Taking secret pictures of the front or rear camera

✔Daray low battery power most frequently Applications
✔Bd activation, the software Vsfhh exit off battery power Tamsrf
Do not use!
✔Daray increase or decrease the sensitivity of the sensor
✔Daray diverse sirens or choose from your music phone
✔Gzarsh shaking the phone

✔Gzarsh the slightest noise at home

✔Grftn hidden images in the folder storage

✔Hmchnyn Post reported by sms Vjmyl contact Vyagrftn
The numbers in the Settings application to Afzar.bray alert!
there is camera shake or sound the siren Myznd.vshmarh phone Fvrٱ phone software sends data messages or calls even images are stored.

✔Az terms of security for Khvdgvshy has many features
✔Mslٱ if someone without letting you pick the phone Vbkhvad
Qflshv warning was made or not charging your phone
He was alert and ignore describing the inverse was secretly wants to separate from Sharzhl .....

Tested in all phone models

It requires Android 2.3 and above Afzarbh is easily ancestry

                         Good luck

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