Phone Anti-Theft Alarm

Phone Anti-Theft Alarm

Version 4.2.76
Install +20 K
Category Tools
Size 15 MB
Last Update 2023 November 22
Phone Anti-Theft Alarm

Phone Anti-Theft Alarm

Phone Security Apps
Version 4.2.76
Install +20 K
Category Tools
Size 15 MB
Last Update 2023 November 22
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Phone Anti-Theft Alarm


⭐ Phone Anti-touch Alarm (don't touch my phone)
⭐ Anti-Pickpocket Alarm(catch a mobile phone thief )
⭐ Charger Removal Alert ( don't remove charger)
⭐ Intruder Alert & Intruder photo
⭐ Hand-Free Removal Alert

1. Anti-touch alarm (Don't touch my phone) :
If anyone picks up your phone from your table in your absence it will start a loud alarm and you will be alerted.

2. Anti-Pickpocket ( catch mobile phone thief) :
When you are in a shopping centre, just turn on this feature and be at ease without fear of losing your phone. If anyone tries to remove your phone from your pocket or purse, a loud alarm will help you to catch the thief.

3. Charger Removal Alert ( Don't remove charger) :
Sometimes I have to charge my phone at public places and I have to remain alert against phone thieves. A charger removal alert is a solution to this case. As soon as someone removes the phone from charging, it detects charger removal and a loud alarm will alert me.

4. Intruder Alert :
When you want to know that who tried to unlock your phone in your absence, "Intruder alert" helps you. If someone tries to unlock your phone, a loud ring will warn you about the intruder. Moreover, the Intruder selfie will be taken and sent to your email along with phone location on Google maps. I can find my phone instantly. You can also track the record of your nosy family members, co-workers or friends who try to unlock your phone in your absence.

5. Hand-Free Removal Alert:
This feature is for Hand Free removal. Whenever Hand-Free is removed a loud ring will alert you. The ringing will stop with a secret PIN code.

This phone security app protects your phone in every possible way. Anti-Theft Mobile Alarm will keep your phone safe.


Anti-theft Alarm is an easy-to-use mobile phone security app.

PIN Code:
Set your PIN code. Warning alarm can only be stopped with this code.
Alarm Tones:
You can choose any police or emergency alarm.
Charger Alert Notification:
Every time charger is connected, it will ask you to activate the charger removal alert.
Intruder Selfie and phone location:
Takes an intruder selfie/secret photo with phone location and email it to you.

"Anti-theft Alarm" is a mobile phone security application. This mobile phone anti-theft & anti-lost app is a simple solution to all problems related to phone theft. This Don’t touch my phone: Anti-theft alarm app makes you carefree about your mobile phone devices in Public places.
Find my lost phone in seconds if a thief tries to steal the phone in a public place. If a thief or a nosy friend tries to unlock your phone with the wrong pin code at the phone lock screen, this app will take the intruder's selfie and email his secret photo and location to you and you can find your lost phone. Therefore this phone security app is also a useful tool as a mobile phone thief catcher.
The "Phone Anti-theft Alarm" app has phone security features according to every situation. Your phone is secure with this security lock alarm app. It generates an emergency alarm for every theft attempt.

Administrative Permission: BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN
For proper function of the feature "Intruder Alert".

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