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Book: Strength training

Writer and Translator: Gareth Jones, Ali Pashabady. Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini

   Book: abs workouts

Writer and Translator: Krystvfram.nvryz doctor Mohammed Hossein Alizadeh Associate Professor of Tehran University

Book: Fitness

Writer and Translator: Brian Sharkey doctor Ibrahim Alidoust Ghahfarokhi faculty member of Tehran University

Book: Strength training skills

Writer and Translator: Bob Bridle Ali Pashabad Seyed Mohammad Hosseini

Book: sports supplements

Writer and translator: Mike Greenwood - Douglas S. Kalman doctor Mohammad Javad Pourvaghar Kashan University of Physical Education and Sport Sciences

Book: Bodybuilders

Writer and Translator: Frederick Delaware May Fairy Ghasemnezhad

Book: Bodybuilders

Writer and Translator: Michael leaves stale coach David Federation of Bodybuilders

Book: Anatomy bodybuilding

Writer and Translator: Nick Snoopy fixed Ayvtnz


Translator: Abolfazl Ismaili.

Coach: Abolfazl Ismaili

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