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Sharif + audio + video + software Ayat Kursi interpretation + meaning

Including Arabic text with Persian translation

Ayat Kursi contains audio files with pleasant voice 5 famous reciters
  Ayat Ayat Kursi Kursi properties include the uses
I dedicated with love to all my countrymen.
Ayat Kursi benefits
1. Optical Kursi verse from the sky.
2. Kursi Verse of the Throne is a sign of treasure.
3. Kursi verse makes safety on the journey.
4. Kursi verse of the Quran is part of the premium.
5. In the context of the Prophet of Islam; Kursi verse was read.

With the increasing development of science communication, we decided to provide a program for audio and video Ayat Kursi take a step in faith.
Please email us with your thoughts on this important guidance and help.
it has categories such as: audio recitation of Ayat Kursi, the uses of Ayat Kursi, about Ayat Kursi and so on. This program according to its possibilities, only on phones and tablets with Android 3 and higher are installed. The app is completely free and can communicate with the programmer.

In a hadith from Imam Baqir said anyone Kursi verse after each prayer poverty and misery Was safe and provisions, to expand and God gives him great wealth of his grace.

Whoever said Kursi verse of the Holy Prophet I read the prayer after the obligatory prayers is the right port And spared God, and God will keep him from calamities and sins.

pleas pry for me

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