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Following the launch of the payment of equity shares and the needs of the compatriots to know the date and amount deposited to their bank accounts, the Equity Equity App is available to you to view the summary of the situation of the equity holders of justice, so that you can easily see the amount deposited and the exact information provided. And you do not need to go to the bank and do not have a banking transaction.

The Justice Stock App provides users with questions to ensure the accuracy of the identity information and security of the users. Access to the system will be interrupted for up to 72 hours if identifying incorrect identity information is detected more than three times.

The information requested in this system must be carefully and accurately entered by the person covered, his survivors, or his lawyer, or his legal guardian.

In the stock equity app, you will see three different sections:

Bank Ships Number

Profit allocation status

Deposit deposit status

In each of these sections, all information stored on the equity equity system will be displayed to you. The information in each section is as follows:

Bank Ships Number:

Registration Date / National Number Included / Banknotes Included / Bank Name / Mobile Number / Banknote Number Confirmation Status

Profit allocation status:

Date of assignment of profits leading to / amount of profit / explanation

Deposit deposit status:

Deposit Deposit Period / Date of Deposit / Net Bank / Amount / Description

The activity of the clients in this system is registered and can be tracked. For more information, please refer to the following address.


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