Fixed Line Bill Inquiry

Fixed Line Bill Inquiry

Version 4.0.1
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Phone bills have to be paid every month, and we're always looking for a way to make this payment easier. The mobile phone billing app is here to no longer worry about forgetting your bills. By simply entering your fixed-phone number, you can see your bill with all the details. In addition to the end of the bill, it is also possible to view the bill and pay it at any time of the month.

After entering your fixed phone number, you can see all the information about your bill in the app.

• Bill of Bills

• Billing Period Ends

• Billing ID

• Subscription ID

• the period

In addition to online payment, the option to pay for offline payments is also available for you to pay both through the electronic portal and without the Internet.

Using a flat-phone bills app is all the more convenient and quicker to pay for your phone bills, and you can simply pay your bills and you will not ever have to worry about forgetting them.

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