Quran Tilawat Shahat Mohammad Anwar

Quran Tilawat Shahat Mohammad Anwar

Version 1.0
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★most complete app Quran Tilawat Shahat Muhammad Anwar

★ Full training of the authorities and the Qur'an in Shahid Muhammad Anwar.

★ Comes with text and Persian translation of the Qur'an completely offline and without the need for the Internet.

★ All sound software is placed in mp3 format and in excellent quality.

★ Enjoy the beautiful and enjoyable readings of Master Shad!

Some features of the app:
✔ Ability to share voices on social networks or send via bluetooth.
✔ Auto-playback and back-up sounds
✔ Possibility of repeating infinitely many verses.
✔ Ability to resize the text of the verses of the Holy Quran
✔ Ability to change text font Quranic verses
✔ Ability to set all colors as the background of verses.
✔ Ability to set all colors as text color.
✔ Can be installed and running on all Android phones
✔ Very simple and fluid user environment

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