Tahghigh Quran Karim Mansoori

Tahghigh Quran Karim Mansoori

Version 1.4
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★ Tahghigh the entire Holy Quran with the voice of Professor Karim Mansoori by splitting the page, the surah, etc., completely offline and without the need for the internet ★

★ All sound programs are placed in high quality mp3 format. ★

Some features of the app:

✔ Enable or disable simultaneous translation by displaying the text of the Quran

✔Select the page auto during audio playback

✔ Auto-playback and back up sound

✔ Ability to repeat unlimited Quran verses

✔ Can save the list of views from the last chapter you read

✔ Ability to search text and translate verses

✔ Ability to adjust all colors as the background of the verses and colors of the text pen

✔ Ability to resize the text of the verses of the Holy Quran

✔ Ability to change the font of the verses of the Qur'an (Uthman Ta'a, Nayrizi, Iran Sans, Nazanin)

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