abdulbasit mujawwad quran

abdulbasit mujawwad quran

Version 1.2
Active installs

Mojawad the whole Quran by the voice of Master AbdulBasit AbdusSamad in the form of page, surah, joz and hezb, completely offline and without internet connection

All the audio in the mp3 format is in high quality

Clicking on each verse will release the sound and automatically move on to the next one

Note: You must have over 2 GB of free internal storage to install the app on some phone models.

True, the app size is less than that, but the phone does not allocate all of the internal storage to the apps and retains some of it as temporary storage.

Some app features:

Ability to enable or disable Farsi translation while displaying Quran text

Automatically move screen when playing audio

Automatic playback and tinnitus

The possibility of unlimited repeating of the verses of the Quran

Ability to save the list of the last sura studied

Ability to mark verses

Ability to search the text and translate verses

Ability to set all colors as background of verses and text font color

Ability to change the font size of the verses of the Holy Quran

Installable for all Android phones

Ability to change the text font of Quran verses

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