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Qur'an: A collection of verses attributed to Imam Ali (as) in the Quran with translation and interpretation
I ask about nine hundred questions and answers on various issues such as doubts about the authority and leadership, conflict, governance, rule, life, etc. as it is ranked (group of general and subject-specific) in relation to the Imam Ali (AS)

Digital library of over 343 titles (53 books and the rest of the book with the ability to download sites Research Institute of Hazrat Mahdi (as), on the personality of Imam Ali (AS)

- Articles: more than 100 articles related to Imam Ali (AS)

Stories: More than 500 stories for a text dealing with social stories and judgments of Imam Ali (AS).

Traditions: about 1110 as the Hadith (the Persian translation and cite sources) are grouped (in excess of 60 as Group)

Companions: perfect introduction to the more than seven hundred of the companions of Imam Ali (AS)

Nahj al-Balagha, including Arabic and Persian sermons, wisdom, letters and wonders

Ghadir includes eleven-volume text book Allameh Amini Child with Persian translation (in 22 volumes)

Bibliography: representing about 1,500 books about Imam Ali (AS) in Persian and Arabic

Lyrics: selection of 110 poems and prose, sonnets, odes and couplets for

Miracles: Around 500 cases of miracles, along with quotes from Cure by Imam Ali (AS)

Biography: Full introducing his life consists of more than seven hundred Categorized as from birth to martyrdom of Imam

Gallery: Gallery of six various birthday a special group, special testimonies, artistic images, traditions and quality images for Mobile is included and the choice of images as phone backgrounds or share them

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