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Hadith: A detailed and complete bank of hadiths classified by the name of the infallibles, the text of the hadith, translation and source of the hadith (containing more than 18000 hadiths)

Including religious beliefs (680), Ebadi (390), Ethical (860), Political (75), Economic (290), Social (1120), Medicine (1030), and Separate categorization based on 14 infallible (14000)

Identity of Al-Rawi: A complete introduction of more than 5,700 narrations of Hadith including: Full Biography (Noun, Kennaye, Proverb, Years of Death, Class, Religion, Translation, Synonyms, Cultures, Al-A'ed al-Aameh, Sahbah al-Rawi, Translated by Esfahan, Al-Rawi way, al-Rawi classes

Recording of al-Rawi: How to pronounce more than 2300 titles from the names of the narratives by mentioning the source and source

Al-Rawi's Trail: Through Al-Sheikhain (Sheikh Tousi and Sheikh Sadukh) in relation to more than 1430 narrators

Thesaurus: Provides a comprehensive and comprehensive description of more than 115 terms in theology of anthropology

Bibliography: Full introduction (book, author, time of writing, etc.) for more than 40 titles of Hadith sources

Hadith sciences: The presentation of more than 120 articles of Hadith sciences in the categories: familiarity with Hadith communities, explaining the famous Hadiths, analysis of Hadith sciences, relation of the Quran with hadith, Hadith position in Shiite, Dareh, Rijal, historical traditions of Hadith and compilation That

Askan: More than 600 Hadith Questions and Answers in Ingrown Groups, Rijal, Hadith, Hadith, Hadith, Religious Studies in Hadith, Sourceology, Questions of Infallible, in Nahj al-Balaghah, in Quran

Teaching Rijal: Providing Text (Al-Muhamal eli alam al-rjal and al-Darawayh) and the lesson of Ayatullah Hosseini Ghazvini from the professors of Rijal Courses in the Seminary at the 8th, 9th and 10th sem.

Library: Text over 31 books of the Hadith source with more than 4200 list titles

Software features

1 - Ability to post content (hadith, introductory narrator, text book, etc.) through social networks

2 - Advanced search with the ability to split the domain on any part of the program

3. Ability to resize text

4 - Ability to change text font (over 8 beautiful fonts)

5. Possibility to move the content to the wish list

6- View the latest read

7. Ability to transfer program and data base to external storage

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Hints  :

1 - Due to the fact that some of the loved ones (consumers) have stated that parts of the program on their phones have not worked properly and are out of the program, please ensure the correct operation of the program on your phone before purchasing. And then purchase the software (by default, the first 5 articles are free of charge)

2. For use of audio files, the training of Rijal requires Internet connection, and sometimes due to the speed problem (from the user's side) or the problem of the server's unavailability (excessive referral of the users causes a slow or short term shortcoming of the site Causing the download and installation of the data to be difficult to handle, it is suggested that at another time, get additional information about the program.

3 - Some of the loved ones announced that they bought, but the software was not upgraded, since all payments are made by the market (market cafe), if such cases occur for the market itself (market cafe) TICKET (registration request ) To solve your problem

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