Encyclopedia Nahjolbalaghe

Encyclopedia Nahjolbalaghe

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Sermons: Sermon full display as text, translation and commentary and corresponding audio file


Letters: a full display for Arabic text, translation and commentary and audio Mrbvthhkmt: A full display of wisdom for Arabic text, translation and corresponding audio file


Wonders: full display texts wonders for Arabic text, translation and corresponding audio file


Signs: View more than one hundred and twenty of the revelations of the full text of Nahj al-Balagha are separated by addressing relevant verses and sura


Culture Topic: View over 2,200 topics ranging from Nahj al-Balagha, translated and cited references


Articles: 116 articles about the Nahj


Library: 134 books on Nahj al-Balagha (with the ability to download the contents of the book)


Bibliography: representing about six hundred books on Nahj al-Balagha into Persian and Arabic, along with access to more than two hundred brief introduction and list as they


 1 - Ability to view the translation, and commentary for adapting to a choice of between 27 and 32 as translator


2 kinds of searches across all sectors and lists


3 lets you choose a specific font for the Arabic (text), Persian (translated) and described separately


 4 - Ability to share content


 5 - Ability to change text size


 6 - choice environment to view contents during the day and night


 7 - Ability to change the location of internal memory and external memory storage (sdcard) for ease of use


 8 - Take advantage of beautiful animation on the front page to the user's environment


 9 - Full support for all phones between 3 to 10 inches (per Rzvlyshyny)


10 - Ability to download information after installation (to reduce the size of the initial version) a variety of explanations and translations, the corresponding audio files from the Internet


11 - Ability to download all the data at once

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