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Check and pay for your car violations as quickly as possible, completely free of charge from the date of the violation, the type of violation, the city, the location of the offense, the amount of the fine, and the description of the cause of the fine, and pay your counterfeit payment promptly.

- Inquiries your car fines at no cost!

- The first app in the market with the speed of uploading very high violations

❖ Do you know exactly where you were trafficked to drive more cautiously on those routes?
❖ Do you know how much fined you are after increasing the rate of your driving crimes? For what and when?
❖ Do you know that your car crime doubled after sixty days if you do not pay?

You do not need to go to the Police Offices +10 to get your complete list of offenses. At any time, you can see and pay a detailed description of your mistakes with one click at a time.

This program does not have any extra charges unlike the SMS system, which receives up to 500 USD for each inquiry, and you can once again buy this app completely free of charge and pay for your crimes.

Violations of the past two weeks have not yet been logged in and all violations shown in this program are related to the past two weeks.

* Along with the latest updates
* Internal barcode reader for reading the barcode behind the car card (without the need to install a separate barcode software)
* The possibility of payment of a crime
* See license plate
* Speed ​​and accuracy

If you have any questions or discontent with the software support, it will be reviewed and answered as soon as possible.
Telegram: farhadafs @

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