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The Sea of Poetry App is a large and valuable library of Persian poets dedicated to lovers of poetry and literature.

Sea of Poetry App Features

  • Powerful store contains over 60,000 poems for free.

  • Contains 66 books of poetry by 15 great poets by default

  • Ability to delete the desired poem collection

  • Advance search between all or some of the poems.

  • Share word to search in this app from other apps

  • Beautiful, easy and up to date interface

  • Favorite and Mark poems to the Favorite list.

  • Listen to the audio file of poems of some poets such as Hafiz and Saadi

  • meditating on the poems of favorite poets

  • Get the latest poem you read

  • Easy movement between poems by swiping left or right

  • Copy all or part of the poem

  • Share poems with your friends using messengers, email or other ways.

  • Insert signatures at the end of the poems you share

  • Settings such as numbering the poets list, numbering the verses, changing the language, resizing the text and adding signature

  • Contact us

  • Guided

  • It’s free and released under the GPLv3 license.

  • Source code on github:

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