Melli Baam Mobile Bank

Melli Baam Mobile Bank

Active installs

Enrollment Method:

- Applicants can enroll from portalserver/index

- The ability to connect via GPRS and WiFi


Enrollment Prerequisite:

- Activate BMI SMS service (SAPTA) at least  on one account

- National Id Possession

- Have your Melli Card information ( 16 digit card number,CVV2, Expiration Date, the second password that you have received from ATM)


Melli Baam Mobile Bank Facilities:

1) Account Statement

- Add comment

- Add tag

- View diagrams of deposit, withdraw and balance of accounts in weekly and monthly periods

- Advanced Searches on statements 

2) Money transfer

- Money transfer from Melli accounts to Melli accounts

- Money Transfer from Melli accounts to other banks accounts

- Multi step approval process for money transfer

- Add others account or card specification to address book

3) Card To Card

- From Melli cards to Melli cards

- From Melli cards to the cards that were issued in others banks (SHETAB)

4) Bill Payment

- Bill payment via Melli cards

- Bill payment via barcode reader

5) Cheque

- Determine the amount of cheque

- Cheque status inquiry

6) Loan installment Payment

- View personal loan list 

- View personal loan details and status

- Installment payment

7) Card Balance


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