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The most comprehensive app about Hazrat Zahra (SA )

250 questions and answers about various matters , such as biographies , marriage , testimony, doubts and also categorized and tagged list . ( Department general and specific )
27 books and 330 articles about the personality of the Prophet PBUH Z
Introduced more than 2000 books of Hazrat Zahra ( sa ) in Persian, Arabic , Pashto , English and ...
A collection of over 230 poems related to Hazrat Zahra ( sa ) in the sonnets , odes , and the couplet , poetry
All his life from birth to present a witness
Anecdotes of Hazrat Zahra ( sa )
A list of the virtues of the Prophet PBUH Z
The complete set of words and sayings that S. T.
Various gallery contains 30 pictures of Hazrat Zahra ( sa )

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