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I asked almost 185 questions and answers on various issues, such as: biography, marriage, testimony, objections and ...
Digital library of 208 titles (text there and the remaining 63 titles can be downloaded for a breakdown)

 Bibliography: The other features of the program, introducing more than 1,700 books about Hazrat Zahra (AS) in Persian, Arabic, Pashto, English, etc.
Lyrics: collection of more than 230 poems related to Hazrat Zahra (SA) for sonnets, odes and couplets, poetry

 - Sire
Hadith: 50 cases of quotes and speeches S T
Stories: 60 Tales of Hazrat Zahra (SA)
Virtues: a list of the virtues of Hazrat Zahra PBUH including 85 cases
Biography: Full introducing his life from birth to martyrdom

Gallery: various gallery contains more than 266 images of Hazrat Zahra (SA) includes: Vyzhhnamhhay birth, marriage, testified that includes pictures with quality and choice of images as background Mobile phone or subscription (of course based on group separately and must be downloaded separately)

Nov Deal: full audio and interesting collection of prayers, begotten, Ode to Love, Requiem writing and ...

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