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- Quran: Complete sets of Quranic verses related to particular bits of Imam Hussein, the translation and interpretation of the relevant verses with references and sources.

I asked nearly 740 questions and answers on various issues, such as: doubts distortions of Ashura, heresies, the causes of the uprising, objectives Imams, bits, prophecies of Karbala, Imam's knowledge and philosophy of mourning for classification and List mark.

Digital library of 640 titles (146 text books can be downloaded there and rest for a breakdown)

Articles: 359 title on the character of Imam Hussein (as)

Tales and miracles: close to 500 as stories and authentic greatness about Imam Hussein (as)

Vocabulary List: comprehensive list of terms and words used in the culture of Ashura and Karbala (more than 2000 titles)

Hadith: 1010 as the Hadith (mentioned by Persian translation and reference) are grouped

Bibliography: The other features of the program, representing about 2800 books about Imam Hussein in Persian, Arabic, Pashto, English and ...

Lyrics: selection of 800 poems are sonnets, odes and couplets in text format associated with him. As well as a complete poems attributed to Imam Hussein (as) in Arabic with Persian translation

Maqtal: (Maqtal, travel Karbala Ashura)
Maqtal traditions of Imam Hussein for the classification and grouping with complete itinerary from Mecca to Karbala of Imam Hussein (house to house) and a complete description of the events of Ashura.

Biography: (biography, virtues, companions)
Full introduction of his life, including more than 750 from birth to his martyrdom with a list of nearly 600 virtue of Imam Hussein and Imam perfect introduction companions in Karbala day.

Gallery: various gallery contains more than 530 images of Imam Hussein (as) includes: Vyzhhnamhhay birth, martyrdom, Forty, temples and shrine, shrine, mourning and passion, as well as related artistic images that include quality images for Mobile and choice of images as phone backgrounds or share (of course, grouped separately and must be downloaded separately)

Nova View: Full audio and interesting collection Moloodi woman breast, and Rvzhkhvany, Mqtlkhvany and ...

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The ability to change the font type
Resizable pen
The ability to change the wallpaper (especially at night, the day's special, graphic themes)
The possibility of developing a favorites list
Ability to send software via Bluetooth (through software)
You can search for the information separately for each separate application for determining the scope and search in the list of titles of each section

Web Edition software:

It supports all research data by researchers and scientists at Hazrat Mahdi (as) has been prepared.

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