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As an android developer I have always experienced the difficulty of communicating with back-end developers. Usually an API description data is passed between the two. But practically as project is being developed different parts of API changes and keeping track of those changes is always a problem.

Testing the API is also another challenge. back-ends usually need some real data to debug their code, whilst it is difficult for front-end developers to prepare a suitable sample data from them.

API Tester is a tool to make the communication between the front-end and back-end developers easier. You define your projects in it, and in each project you define your different API requests. Having requests data stored on the server, both front-end and back-end developers can access the same set of definitions and they can change the parameters of each request and easily execute them by clicking a button and seeing the result.

What makes this product especial is the android SDK available at IInventWheels.com . Using it, the front-end developer can directly add the request data to the API Tester's list. Hence easily preparing sample data for back-end testing. Also after debugging the back-end developer can update the request information so that the front-ends can have a working sample of how to call the API.

Using this application is completely free. The in-app billing is for donation purposes only.

For downloading the SDK and/or using the website version visit: http://iinventwheels.com/

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