Memo - Notes

Memo - Notes

Version 3.4
Install +500
Category Tools
Size 28 MB
Last Update 2024 March 7
Memo - Notes

Memo - Notes

Version 3.4
Install +500
Category Tools
Size 28 MB
Last Update 2024 March 7
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Hello, and thank you for choosing the Memo app.

The Memo app offers you the most convenient means of crafting and safeguarding your confidential notes. It boasts a multitude of features designed to protect your information. The Memo app is designed to be exceptionally user-friendly, swift, and dependable. It is thoughtfully equipped with the following functionalities:

You can create three distinct types of notes:
1. Text-based notes
2. Images
3. A canvas, allowing you to freely express your ideas through drawings and sketches.

AI Notes (Powered by ChatGPT and GPT-4):
1. AI - Write Notes: Simplify your note-taking by writing prompts, and let the app generate notes for you.
2. AI - Summarize: Efficiently condense your entire note or specific sections with the help of this summarization feature.
3. AI - Action Items: Transform your notes into actionable tasks using this convenient option.
4. AI - Spelling and Grammar: Ensure your notes are error-free by utilizing AI to correct any spelling or grammar issues.

Archive/Unarchive Notes: Easily swipe left or right to archive or unarchive your notes. Archiving preserves your note in the device, providing a temporary removal that can be effortlessly restored at any time from the Archive Screen. This feature proves invaluable when you wish to temporarily set aside notes without permanent deletion.

Biometric Security: For devices equipped with biometric recognition, the Memo app employs this feature to enhance your data security. With biometric authentication, your notes become visible only after a valid biometric scan.

Synchronization: Seamlessly synchronize your device's notes with your Google Drive. The Sync feature ensures your notes are securely stored in the cloud. This feature proves especially helpful when transitioning between mobile devices or retrieving your data. It's important to note that data retrieval appends notes to your existing device records, preserving your control over data deletion.

Import/Export: Two methods are available for backing up your notes on your device.

1. Import/Export: This method saves your notes as CSV files on your device's storage. You can subsequently import the CSV file into the Memo app to recover your data, which will be seamlessly integrated with your existing device notes.

2. Backup/Restore: This method creates a complete copy of your device's database in your device's storage. You can then restore this backup. Please bear in mind that when restoring data, it will overwrite your existing Memo database.

Additional Features:
- Choose images from your gallery or capture photos using your camera to convert them into text. Currently, English language support is available for image-to-text conversion.
- Long-press notes to activate the Multi-Selection feature, allowing you to delete or share multiple notes simultaneously.
- Set reminders for your text notes.
- Easily share text from other applications to Memo.
- Support for native Google Speech-to-Text functionality.
- Create tags and assign them to notes, facilitating note filtering and searching.

As the sole developer, I am here to address any questions or feedback you may have. Thank you for your support! 😊

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