Files Lock and Security

Files Lock and Security

Version 5.0
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Always privacy and prevent third parties from accessing personal files and is one of the biggest concerns.
Investment hide files or passwords from ZIP files can we protect access to private files.
Hidden files are visible to easily connect the device to the computer.
Zip code easily in the shortest time with a variety of programs to break.
We are one of the best programs that no sample or not Iran with extra features for coding the bit files have been designed and implemented.
The whole program with 2 bits of a file named best Cryptography algorithms AES, DES encryption it.
And access files in any way or in any way unless you and will not allow for your own application.

With this program, we give you 100% guarantee that your files will be safe.

Privacy is the right of every person's hope this small step to be taken in this way.
We look forward to your comments and suggestions.
The program features:
1 - 2 files with the bit encryption algorithm called Cryptography DES, AES
2 - Supported file types such as image, video, audio, text, etc.
3 - The ability to support very large file size limit. The GB - GB. (Chunk process to optimize the use of memory to support large files)
4 - The ability to lock onto a single file or all files in a folder as a whole, as well as the opening of a file or all files in a folder.
5 - high speed operations and opening coding files.
6 - The ability to select files by their internal applications using the file manager.
7 - very detailed report of all steps taken on the file lock and unlock.
8 - Advanced settings
9 - Enter the program to be completely secure.
10 - completely Persian Persian mechanism without the need for any external programs.
11 - the ability to transfer files to the media after locking the file
12. A complete guide to accurate and complete Farsi
13 - Runs on Android devices that includes 3 high.

key : lock - locking - block - file - security file

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