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Delete My Account

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Delete My Account will help you to delete your account in tiktok or Instagram or other accounts

If You want to create an account on tiktok or snapchat or other websites and apps it easy but the problem is when you want to delete this account it will be a nightmare.

Most questions on the internet is about how to delete an Instagram account ? or how to delete tiktok account ?.. so that means users can't delete their account becease it very hard.

How does this app work?
Delete My Account give you the steps to delete your account and also give you a direct link to delete your account.

Now you can delete your Instagram account or facebook or tiktok or more websites and apps by following the steps on our app Delete My Account.

Example: How To Delete Instagram Account?
1-Download our app and open it
2-Chose Delete Instagram on the menu
3-Read the steps and click on the red button delete my account
4-Choose Your browser and follow the steps that you read on our app

If you want us to add more website just give us 5 stars and leave a comment thank you

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