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What is Radar?

Radar, as the first social network on the market, will connect you directly to shopkeepers all around the city.

You can find anything you want, ask for a price, chat with the shopkeepers and ask them whatever you want.


Radar’s advantages:

- You’ll wander around less in the market for the things you are looking for

- You can find jobs around you

- You pay less for taxi fare or gas fuel of your own car

- You’ll stay less in traffic and the traffic won’t get on your nervous


Radar’s features:

- Ask all shops that are relevant to your demand in a moment

- Find the address of a special shop conveniently

- Look at the virtual showcase of the shopkeepers

- If you don't know the name of the thing you want, you can send the photo of it to the shopkeepers

- You can even chat with shopkeepers

- Give the shopkeepers as much time as you want for the response

- Search for whatever you want, in any area that you are in

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