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Experience the convenience, ease and fun of online book, cultural products and artifacts in Rabia with 7,000 varieties of goods. The symbol of trust from the Ministry of Industry and Mining and the symbol of organization from the Ministry of Guidance. Browse Rabi, read expert reviews and select and buy with a few clicks. This way, in addition to its simplicity and ease of purchase, you will benefit from other valuable services such as guaranteeing the originality of the goods, guaranteeing the best price, sending the goods across the country with Post Republic Company.

The Rabie Mobile app also offers users a different experience of secure purchases as a store of Iranian cultural products offering the most up-to-date online shopping techniques, simplicity in purchasing and perpetual access. With this app, you always have a store of Iranian cultural products everywhere.

There are many features in the Robby Mobile app, some of which are listed below:

✓ Simple, smart and secure shopping experience

✓ Ability to review, select and buy at any time and at any place

✓ Full access to all parts of the Rabi Store

✓ Provide complete and accurate product information

✓ Internet payment possibility and ...

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