MOTUL Engine Oil Buying Guide

MOTUL Engine Oil Buying Guide

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Motul Android application for introducing motorcycle engine oil
KAVIR Yektaz Cyclet Co., with the brand of KAVIR Motor, as the official representative of motorcycle engine oil, has been constantly trying to satisfy customers and providing quality services to them with MOTUL brand in Iran.
Full engine protection is a constant concern for every motorcyclist. The exclusive ESTER Core technology in French MOTUL engine oil ensures complete protection against corrosion, wear and deposition.

In this regard, a mobile application has been designed to find and to introduce the official sales representatives and repair-shop centers, approved by the KAVIR Motor, providing motorcycle oil change services and intervals. 

Application features
- Introduction the most specialized engine oil fitting the motorcycles in the Iranian market
- Displaying store and repair-shops information on the map of Iran showing the access routes and stores information through various apps such as, Waze and Google Map.
- Feature of recording motorcycle information of each user under the title "My Motorcycles"
- Feature of recording oil change information in the app and displaying oil change history of each motorcycle
- Feature of reminding next oil change time for "My Motorcycles"

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