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Sidookis an integrated, intelligent online application for law and legal services that you can easily and quickly access to a legal adviser, lawyer, official expert and arbitrator through a mobile application and website.

 The process of working with Sidook is as follows:

·        Select the service that you want.

·        Specify the subject of the service you require.

·        Specify the place and time of service.

·        After submitting the request, you will see the remuneration of our lawyers/experts.

·        You will select and approve one of them.

·        At the specified time and place, the service will be provided to you.

·        After receiving the services, you will settle for a consultant, lawyer, expert or arbitrator fee.

·        At the end you can rate the service provider performance.

What are the benefits of Sidook?

·        Access to the most specialized and experienced lawyers and official experts.

·        Access to on-site and off-site services with the lowest fee.

·        Get instant access to the closest lawyers and official experts in the area of residence.

·        Benefit from phone consulting services through the app.

·        Possibility of having a variety of customer club rewards.

·        Specialized support from the team of lawyers and experts based in Sidook.

Sidook is the easiest, fastest and safest way to get access to the most expert lawyers and official experts. With Sidook you don't have to worry about your rights.

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