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So far, did it ever happen that you want to calculate legal and judicial costs and you look for the most convenient and fastest way as possible? Judicial calculator is a complete application of legal calculations that has many features! 

Ability to calculate: 

1- The cost of hearing various types of claims in different stages and the cost of enforcing civil judgments - Half the tenth; 

2- Attorney's salary and tax stamp (according to the tariff and contract) also the annual tax attorney, tax exemption and the determination of the demands of the dispute through the amount of the lawyer's cancellation stamp;

3- The cost of the electronic office of judicial services and the cost of other judicial requests in this office;

4- The cost of a variety of office documents, including the marriage and divorce office and the notary office; 

5- Damage to the late (religion to the daily rate) in both monthly and annual method using the latest indicators of the central bank and also daily contractual damages; 

6- The cost of Diyah types, including Diyat, Deyatra, Diyat Percent, Diyat abortion and Diyeh's different part of organs, in accordance with the Diyah, from 1370 to the present; 

7- Dayrish with day rate based on type of dish, including cash and coins, and in case of coins, the possibility to inquire about the price of each coin per day; 

8- The cost and wages of the expert judge in all fields;

9- The cost and fee of arbitration in all types of financial and non-financial claims; 

10- the share of inheritance according to inheritance categories based on the status of deceased person at the time of death; 

11- Legal and judicial deadlines;


**Don't miss the Judicial calculator special section**

√ A set of country laws and regulations;

√ A complete set of Supreme Court Procedural unity votes;

√ A complete set of consultative ideas in recent years from the Legal Department of the Judiciary;

√ Search for lawyers and court experts as well as a list of top lawyers;

√ Miscellaneous calculations (including gold price calculations, real estate advisory commissions, bank loan types, bank deposit profits, tariffs for police offices + 10 and government counter offices);

√ More than 20 types of judicial and non-judicial inquiries (including Inquiry of third party insurance policy and insured records, check status, car fines, negative certification score, authenticity of legal documents and notary authenticity, plaque status) , Car crashes, judicial votes, notary offices, marriage and divorce offices, electronic office of judicial services, latest state of the lawyers and court experts, registered companies, legal notice of company, sana registration, Judicial meetings, Prohibition of leaving the country for individuals and ...;

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