Taskeet - Reminders & Alarms

Taskeet - Reminders & Alarms

Version 3.14.1
Install +500
Category Tools
Size 19 MB
Last Update 2024 February 1
Taskeet - Reminders & Alarms

Taskeet - Reminders & Alarms

Leviway Development
Version 3.14.1
Install +500
Category Tools
Size 19 MB
Last Update 2024 February 1
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Are you looking for a versatile yet simple reminder, to-do list and calendar app? Do you wish to make your day-to-day life easier and more organized? Then Taskeet is a perfect match for you!

Taskeet is a free reminder, to-do list, planner & calendar app for managing and organizing your daily tasks, to-do lists, reminders, notes, deadlines, anniversaries, birthdays, meetings, grocery lists, and so much more.

Taskeet’s rich set of useful and powerful features will help you stay focused and organized no matter what. It will quickly become your favorite productivity app and a beneficial addition to your day-to-day life!


Effortlessly manage your deadlines with Taskeet’s robust feature set, including task management, to-do lists, and calendar integration. Its customizable reminders and alerts ensure you never miss a beat, boosting productivity and simplifying your life. Ideal for students, professionals, and anyone seeking to master deadline management with ease.

Anniversaries and Birthdays
Stay on top of important dates with ease using Taskeet’s advanced reminder features. Never forget a birthday, anniversary, or significant occasion again, and keep your schedule perfectly organized with personalized notes and recurring reminders.

Homework and Assignments
Maximize your academic potential with our productivity app. Keep track of your homework and assignments with personalized reminders and alarms, ensuring that you never miss a deadline. Stay organized and succeed with ease.

Keep your work schedule streamlined with our app's powerful planning features. Never miss an important meeting again by creating a list of upcoming events and setting recurring reminders for each one. The app will take care of the rest, leaving you free to focus on what really matters.

Elevate your productivity and simplify your errands with our app. Customize your tasks with colorful markers and descriptions to add a touch of personalization, and easily track your progress with a comprehensive to-do list. Get more done with less stress, and streamline your day-to-day life.

Paying Bills
Eliminate those pesky late fees and stay ahead of your bills with our in-advance reminders. Never miss a payment again and enjoy peace of mind with Taskeet's powerful features.

Important Calls
Schedule important calls with high priority reminders to never forget about them. Create detailed task entries with contact information, ensuring all the details are at your fingertips when it's time to make the call.

Event Planner
Effectively plan and organize all your events, from business meetings to personal appointments, using our powerful event planning capabilities. With support for the Eisenhower planning framework, you can easily prioritize your tasks and ensure that all your events are handled in a timely and efficient manner. Whether you're managing a busy schedule of work-related meetings or keeping track of personal appointments, Taskeet has you covered.


• Intuitive and powerful task creation
• Recurring reminders (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
• Ability to compose custom reminder recurrence
• Multiple task types (reminders, alarms, TODOs)
• Task color markers
• Task in-advance reminders
• Full-screen notifications
• Calendar View
• Task Lists
• Straightforward navigation
• Informative notifications
• Cloud synchronization
• Eisenhower's Prioritization Framework (Eisenhower Matrix)
• Data backup & restore functionality
• Useful widgets (Tasks Widget, Upcoming Tasks Widget, Calendar Widget, Quick Actions Widget)
• Multiple themes
• Compact UI mode
• Multiple customization settings
• Do not disturb mode

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