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Looking for an easy app to help your child learn in a fun and interactive way? Here’s an interactive and fun learning app for preschool kids and toddlers to help them with innovative learning games in an amusement park theme.

“Kiddos In Amusement Park” has a collection of 15 fun and interactive learning apps of different kinds all of which are in an amusement park theme. Kids love amusement parks and they love playing games in the amusement themed parks. All games are carefully designed by learning experts and have really clear instructions for the kids to understand and start playing. All games have some targets to clear and only once they clear the target of the game, they can advance to the next level.

All the educational learning games have colourful graphics that kids would love and also have soothing sound effects and phonics.

 Educational Games

●      Place little tags in proper cabin on the amusement park wheel - Color & Shape Matching

●      Look carefully at the ball under the glass and tell where it is - Test your Attention Skills

●      Prepare an ice-cream order for the customer based on the needs of the customer

●      Catch the fishes with the hook and put them in the bucket

●      Put the shapes in the right place to complete the castle

●      Fire the aliens game with the Fire Shooter

●      Choose the colored air balloons -  Color Identification Game

●      Duck Shooter - Target and shoot the ducks, avoid dynamites

●      Arrange horses based on the number arrangement

●      Donut matching - Memory Game to match 2 donuts of same kind

●      Follow the lines to help animals reach their destination

●      Connect cards by drawing a line - Draw a line with object matching

●      Quickly tap the dogs coming from the hole - Avoid dynamites

●      Number tracing and number drawing game

More and more fun games are being added for kids. Kids love playing these fun educational learning games. Help your kids learn smartly with these fun amusement park themed games. They will never be bored from learning.

These educational games are suited for preschool kids to help them build different skills and qualities. They can learn color matching, color identification, number tracing, shape matching and more using these games. These are must have apps for parents to help their kids learn.

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فسقلی ها در شهربازی: ۱۵ بازی سرگرم کننده مخصوص کودکان ۱ تا ۷ ساله

آموزش صحیح نقش موثری در تقویت هوش کودکان داره و از اونجا که دلبندان ما علاقه خیلی زیادی به گوشی های موبایل دارن، باید به صورت هدفمند از این دستگاه های هوشمند برای آموزش موضوعات مختلف به کودکان استفاده کنیم. بازی که در ادامه به معرفی اون پرداختیم، یکی دیگه از بازی های ساخته شده توسط تیم رویاگران هست و "فسقلی ها در شهربازی" نام داره. اگه میخوای با بخش های مختلف این بازی آشنا بشی، در ادامه با من همراه باش.

بررسی بازی فسقلی‌ها در شهربازی؛ بازگشت دوباره فسقلی‌ها

همه ما از اهمیت بازی کردن و استفاده از بازی‌های مناسب برای کودکان آگاه هستیم، اما با پیشرفت تکنولوژی و در دسترس بودن دنیای اینترنت و انواع بازی‌های ویدیویی پیدا کردن یک بازی مناسب از قبل سخت تر شده است. اما راه حل چیست؟ بهترین کار استفاده از محصولاتی است که توسط متخصصی با تجربه تولید شده باشند. آرا اوحانیان یکی از با تجربه ترین و موفق ترین افراد در حوزه ساخت بازی‌های موبایلی برای سنین پایین و کودکان است و بی راه نیست اگر بگوییم بهترین سازنده بازی‌های مخصوص کودکان در ایران است.

Kiddos In Amusement Park Review

Kiddos In Amusement Park is a game for children. A game that falls into the casual category and is actually a collection of a limited number of games (mini-games) that are grouped together in the form of an amusement park. Kiddos In Amusement Park has beautiful and colorful paintings and the variety of his activities is great. In this review, we examined the game by two children and an adult to find its various aspects and positive and negative features.

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