Happiness Train

Happiness Train

Version 2.8.0
In-app Purchases
Install +6 M
Category Kids
Size 36 MB
Last Update 2022 June 18
Happiness Train

Happiness Train

Royagaran Narmafzar
Version 2.8.0
In-app Purchases
Install +6 M
Category Kids
Size 36 MB
Last Update 2022 June 18
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An amazing train is on the way …!

The game of Happiness Train is a collection of fun games with some training for the children.

This collection is not just a simple game, but it contains 14 fun games for learning three complete packages of numbers, geometrical shapes and body parts.

The games are in English, so that the child would learn the numbers and words in English.

An introduction to the games:

The Game of making a dummy

In this game the child can make attractive and different characters by learning the body parts and face.

Child’s Telephone Game

This game contains a complete telephoning process (includes Dialing, phone booklet, saving the contacts) for the kids. The purpose of this game is to enable the kids to use the numbers and practice them. This game includes 3 parts:

1. First Part dialing the requested numbers from kids.

2. Second part includes teaching the emergency numbers to kids and helping them to virtually dial these numbers.

3. Third part includes saving the new contacts, the number of these contacts can be dialed virtually too.

The game of shopping store

This is an amazing and fun game. The purpose of this game is to increase the mathematical view of kids and it also teaches the basic concepts of submission and subtraction to the kids.

Puzzle Game

This game will increase the power of creativity in children by the use of geometrical shapes and making some pictures; beside the mentioned things, it can increase the geometric view in children.

The game of Ordinal Numbers

This game is designed to teach the numbers to children and to repeat the numbers more and more. The purpose of this game is to introduce the numbers to the children before their primary schools.

The game of Balloons

A game full of colorful balloons which introduces the shape of numbers to the children. In this game the children should find the requested number among the balloons

The game of memory

This game will accompany children and it will improve their memory. This game contains some cards, and the kid should remember the picture behind each of them.

Practice writing game

This game is a plane for writing numbers. In fact this game is a virtual black board, and the usage of it is very easier than pencil and paper for children.

Pairing Game

This game will cause the fixation of the shapes in kid's mind; also it will improve the power of finding asymmetric shapes and differentiating between the shapes.

The game of guessing the shapes

This game helps the kid to create a logical relationship between the objects in real world and the geometrical shapes.

Fox and Rabbit

A fun and interesting game that can accompany children and increase their accuracy and operating speed.

Clock game

This game contains four sectors of teaching time in basic and simple levels. The main purpose of this game besides repeating the numbers, is to teach children how to work with analog and digital clocks.

Snakes and ladders

In this game you can experience three different types of snake and ladder game.

First type: if you don’t have a real opponent, we have considered a virtual one for you.

Second type: the classic game of snakes and ladders that can be played on your phone with your friends.

Third type: online, at the network.

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